java – ArrayList how to find the index of an element if the value is known?


Is it possible in to know the index of an element in an ArrayList if the value is known?

When you click on a list item, it shows the values

public int getItemCount() {
    return mFilteredCheeses.size();

public void filter(String query) {
    mFilteredCheeses = new ArrayList<>();
    for (String cheese : mDefaultCheeses) {
        if(cheese.toLowerCase().contains(query.toLowerCase())) {

Is it possible to find out the index of an element, for example with the value Макс ?


ArrayList has an indexOf method – it just looks for a suitable element and displays its index.

ArrayList<Object> test = new ArrayList<>();
System.out.println(test.indexOf("yo2")); // Выведет: 1

If there are several identical values ​​in the list, then it will display the index of the first one found.

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