java – Are there viruses in programming languages ​​that don't compile to machine code?


Actually, I wonder if there are viruses that are written in any JAVA or .NET, and is it even possible to exist?

The disadvantages of such platforms include:

  1. You can decompile the virus without any problems and get the source code, which will allow you to get the medicine in the shortest possible time
  2. The need for Runtime programs. True, Microsoft started shipping new Win with .Net by default


Basically, any program that performs (malicious) actions that the user does not expect can be perceived as a virus. That. it doesn't matter what such a program is written on, the main thing is that it should be granted the appropriate privileges (deleting files, interacting over the network, etc.). That. if it does not work in a highly isolated environment, the so-called. sandbox, it may well realize its malicious intentions.

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