Are there any databases that don't work with SQL?


Are there databases that don't have SQL? Well, for example, which work according to some other scheme and with other languages? What are these bases, if they exist?


There are, of course.

  • Key-value DBMS (and they are also databases) with their own protocols. Memcache and Redis for example
  • embeddable libraries offering direct API only. I only recall sqlite – but it's SQL, and berkeley db – and this key-value . Well, I found InfinityDB as an example for Java
  • a lot of trendy NoSQL generally don't use SQL. For example, the referenced mongodb uses a JSON based query language.
  • Datalog language, for example, which completely influenced the addition of recursive queries to SQL
  • some sbd can support both SQL and some other protocol. For example, you can interact with MySQL without using SQL – via HandlerSocket . Moreover, SQL can be both the main language for a DBMS, and an alternative, sometimes offering fewer features, but added for compatibility.

Relational databases are pretty much all SQL now. But obviously there are student and academic experiments that SQL did not do. Some of them may even be developing, but something known was not found. For non-relational databases, the spread is much wider.

A separate interesting question is what exactly should be considered as SQL. A DBMS can provide a query language that only at first glance looks like SQL, without supporting a large number of features and behavior of the SQL standard, but with some of its own solutions.

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