ios – Application rejected by Apple IPv6 error


I developed a hybrid app using Ionic and when submitting to Apple Store review it was rejected, I got the following error message:

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.3.5 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network.

Specifically, after we launched your app, an error message appeared.

The steps to reproduce are:

  1. launch app
  2. Note error message

They say IPv6 support is needed, but they just say that, without giving any further useful information. I can't test the app on an IPv6 network right now. I've seen how to connect one on the mac, but I don't have an adapter for a network cable, I just use WiFi.

I researched a lot and saw several answers saying it was an error in the way the requests are made to the API's/servers or a configuration error in the server/API itself.

I don't know how to solve this, the app runs normally under normal conditions (understand: on an iphone on IPv4 network) without any problem, everything is perfect.


I managed to solve the problem!

The app had no issues as I followed all apple references for IPv6 support. The issue was that my server, where the app made the requests, was not configured to support IPv6, so it gave the blessed error! It took a while to sink in, but after so much research on the net it worked.

So, if anyone has the same problem, don't forget to follow apple's standards and, especially, check if the server supports IPv6 . If it's external hosting, as was my case, just contact your hosting team to see how to enable IPv6 support.

Thanks to everyone who gave tips there!

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