Android Studio drawable and mipmap directories


I am interested in this question: in Android Studio only have a drawable folder, there are no drawable-hdpi, ...-mdpi, ...-xhdpi, ...-xxhdpi . Do I need to create them? But there is mipmap-hdpi, mipmap-mdpi, mipmap-xhdpi, mipmap-xxhdpi . Where do I need to load the icons that I want to use in my project? Thank you.


Yes, you need to create. Right click on the "res" directory – new – android resource directory.

Graphics with mipmap appeared in android 4.3 Mipmapping for drawables . The flag allows, in some cases, to obtain a better quality of images when reduced due to higher memory consumption.

Recent best practices from google say that it is better to keep app icons in mipmap- rather than drawable-. You can safely follow them, problems on older versions of android will not arise with them.

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