google-play – Android real money gambling – is it allowed?


Is it possible (in the sense of whether it is allowed) to make and put on the play market such a game: the player deposits real money into the game account (let's call them "coins"), then plays for coins with other players over the network, and then withdraws these coins (if he won , well, or did not lose everything) in the form of real money (one of the ways)? Methods for depositing and withdrawing money, for example, are: mobile phone, Visa card, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, WM. Maybe the replenishment of coins will also be a regular Play Market purchase in the game (you can’t withdraw money to users using the market, right?). The game is not a casino or anything else, but a logic game, players play 1×1, the smartest one wins. Just for bets, for real money (small, starting from 3 rubles, for example). And the player cannot spend money on anything or cannot acquire it in the game in any way, except to win from someone or lose to someone (well, deposit/withdraw). And the game itself is free, without ads.

I hope that it is possible, but if it is not possible, please give a rationale (or where and how it can be found), and, if there are any, ways to do it "legally"

PS And what will happen if you put it on, for example? Or somewhere else, but not in the market?


According to the rules of Google Play, games using real currency are prohibited

Any application that offers money or other valuables as a prize falls into the gambling category.

According to the legislation of Ukraine and Russia too.

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