java – Android app development: what tools and language to start a project?


I would like to venture into creating Android apps. At first I would make one just for my own use.

What tools would I need to set up my development environment? My application would use database, is there one more recommended?

And the language, are there options or is it just java?


Tools needed to start development

  1. Android SDK
  2. An IDE: Android Studio or Eclipse (discontinued)

Here , there is a tutorial teaching you to set everything up right.

Android has a handout, which I recommend is this here

Language settings:

To program for android, the ideal is in Java or Kotlin, which are the two official Android languages ​​(they can even be combined, that is, some classes in Kotlin and others in Java), but it also has other options like Phonegap , which is a framework that allows you to program using HTML5 and Javascript

Tutorials on how to use Phonegap , here and here

data persistence

The Android API offers different options when it comes to saving data for later use. Which option is most appropriate depends on the type of information that will be saved and the availability you want it to have. Here are some:

  1. Shared Preferences
  2. SQLite
  3. Internal Storage
  4. External Storage
  5. Caching
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