Alternative php include for handlebars.js when building templates


I'm making a new website, I have the template ready and I want to implement handlebars.js,

To control the template I always used:

<php include "header.php"; ?>
<php include "footer.php"; ?>

and etc.

I want to improve the level of my projects using handlebars.js but I don't know how to control the template with best practices. I believe that creating a:

<script id="header" type="text/x-handlebars-template"></script>

and putting my entire header in there with all the tags and css calls would not be a good practice. What would be the best alternative for includes?


I'm still waiting for more ideas but the best solution I found so far was to use Ember.js and its template structure.

Making a template with all the header, footer and etc, including the body. I'm finding a good alternative for now! The only problem is keeping all templates in the same html file.

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