alias in cyrillic with spaces in firebird sql query


How to set alias correctly in Russian letters with spaces.

For instance:

select name as "Имя пользователя" from users;

In firebird it gives the error "SQL error code = -104"

Only the following requests pass

select name as User_name from users;
select name User_name from users;

With the Cyrillic alphabet, that with a space, that without it it does not work.

Can anyone come across this situation?

Is there a way to get around this by converting the alias or converting to hex or char?

The following queries don't even work in English. letters .:

select name as "User name" from users;
select name as 'User name' from users;
select name as {User name} from users;
select name as [User name] from users;

Database version: Firebird 2.5


Firebird does not seem to accept any spaces or Cyrillic. Even in aliases. Yuzai underline

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