javascript – Add and remove fields generated via CakePHP


I have a <select> which is fed by data from the database. I need to manipulate this select and multiply it if the user wants to enter more different data.

I also need to change the "name" attribute of each <select> in order to get the values ​​correctly in $this->request->data because I implode the data.

I have a function that runs in pure php, but now I'm trying to redo it in CakePHP . I've never done anything with Javascript or Jquery in CakePHP , so I'm kind of lost on that. My main question is how to use Javascript with Cake. I have a script.js file that I use in the pure php application. Now I want to use this with Cakephp, but I don't know how to do it. I've already put the file in the webroot/js folder, but I don't know how to go from there.


Cakephp follows a pattern for creating form fields if you are using the Cake Form Helper

The pattern is always like this:

$this->Form->input(''); // <input type="text" name="data[model][id]" />

Based on this return, you could add the fields normally by jQuery, but setting the element's name according to Cakephp's standard. See a simple example

   var $form =  $('#meu-formulario');

   var $baseSelect = $('<select></select>');

         var $newSelect = $baseSelect.clone();

          $newSelect.attr({name: 'data[model][novo_campo]'});


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