Add all Environment elements to a list automatically


Suppose my Environment contains the following objects (dummy names):

abcd # numeric
efgh # dataframe
ijkl # matrix
mnop # character

My goal : to put them in a list automatically, without having to type:


Is there a function capable of doing this? More precisely, it would be the opposite of the list2env function.


Here's a way to solve the problem.

First, I will create an Environment with the objects described in the question.


e <- new.env()
e$abcd <- rnorm(10)
e$efgh <- data.frame(A = letters[1:5], X = runif(5))
e$ijkl <- matrix(1:24, ncol = 3)
e$mnop <- sample(LETTERS, 10)

Now, you get the objects from the environment e with the ls function and then create the list of these objects with mget .

obj <- ls(envir = e)
lista <- mget(obj, envir = e)
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