unity3d – About the decrease in drawing speed when drawing a large game object in Unity

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I was curious when developing an app in Unity, so let me ask you a question.

There is a number of DrawCalls as a checkpoint when drawing on the scene becomes jerky or processing on a low spec terminal becomes heavy, but for example, the screen is currently composed of multiple images (game objects) on the scene. In that case, I think that the processing will be lighter if you combine the immovable ones into one background image (game object).
However, for example, if the size of the image is large, does it affect the drawing speed of the scene even if only one is drawn?
For example, if you make a game like a bicycle ride and make the stage horizontally long, you can draw one image of many sizes horizontally and move the camera according to the moving object to move the stage. I'm thinking of a game, and I'm assuming that the stage will be generated at the start.

Thank you.

Answer: Answer:

In general, handling an image that is too large, even if it is a single image, will affect the drawing speed. Since memory usage is expected to be extremely large for both main / VRAM, problems associated with it are also expected.

It is recommended to take measures such as dividing according to the range to be drawn at one time and loading (displaying / emergency) at any time according to the display range.

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