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Since last year, my company has started managing project libraries with NuGet.
At that time, I started using it as it was without thinking about it. A newcomer today asked me why I would copy the library directly into my project and manage the project library with NuGet instead.

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The answer that came to my mind was that if someone didn't check in the library to svn, it would be useful because they wouldn't have to search the net every time to find a matching version. However, I wonder if there is any other reason than this, so I will ask a question here. If you know why you should manage your project library with NuGet, he would love to hear some advice from the development seniors who manage your project library with NuGet.

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Until NuGet came out, it was troublesome to match the version of the dependent library when the development bases were distributed, and I was suffering from inconsistency of environment-dependent behavior (probably the library version matches correctly). Due to human error such as not doing it).
After installing NuGet , if it works properly here, I think it's easier to guarantee that it will work in that development environment as well.
Also, since the management library can be automatically acquired at build time as long as there is a NuGet configuration file, I personally like that the source files required for building the project (managed files with svn, git, etc.) can be made smaller. I am.

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