html5 – About CSS flexbox: equal values ​​for different CSS properties


I'm studying the language documentation, and the following question occurred to me:

Both the align-content property and the align-items property accept the values:

  • flex-start
  • flex-end
  • stretch

And looking at the examples, I couldn't see any difference.

So what would be the difference between the two properties?

How do you know, for example, when to write flex-start in align-content or align-items ?


Both are intended to manipulate the content of a display: flex; element display: flex; , this we'll call the parent element.

align-items is more common, as it is independent of how many lines the parent element's children have.

Unlike align-content which only has an effect when the children of the parent element occupy more than one line.

Here's an excellent flexbox guide that better explains what was said above.

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