A javascript library for writing network diagrams

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I posted it to Yahoo! Chiebukuro and Qiita earlier, but I'm likely to hear more about it, so I posted it again.

Please tell me the best library to write a network diagram like the one below.

The language is JavaScript. I would be grateful if you could tell me if there is a language or library that is easier to write than that.
The purpose is to visualize log data.

The contents of the log data are the history data of a person moving through multiple facilities.

The data is the data of the relationship between two points and is as follows.
There are the following data groups.

・ Departure point ・ Arrival point ・ Departure time

There are about 200,000 such data.

Based on this data, the node of the network diagram represents the facility and the edge represents the movement of the person.
I want to make an animation of the movement of a person. (Time elapsed based on the departure time.)

Also, I want to visualize the number of people (including duplicates) who passed between those two points. (By the thickness and color of the arrow on the edge.)

If you want to run it with JavaScript, you don't need to make it into a video file because you can run it on the browser.

For the time being, I thought about using vis.js and SetTimeout together, but I thought it would be too difficult, so I asked.

Thank you for your reply.

Answer: Answer:

How about the js module of Processing?

The rest is popular D3.js

If you are not particular about web applications, Processing alone may be fine.

It's interesting to have interactive visualization.

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